Mexican official says he’s a scapegoat after being fired over bodies stored in truck

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According to recent reports, on Tuesday, after an outcry over the storage which contained 150 bodies inside a refrigerated container truck, the Mexican authorities early on Tuesday fired one of its forensic officials since this news roamed all over Jalisco town state. According to the official, within this states, the morgues where up to capacity as the drug war within the country continues to affects a huge number of victims. In accordance to the reports, Killings within western state which is home to Mexico’s most powerful and violent drug gangs. the Jalisco New Generation Cartel whoever according to reports already have hit 16,339 record as far as this year is concerned. More so the national homicide rate however is rising rapidly having already reached its highest as far as modern history is considered last year.

Nevertheless, according to the drawing by ire of the mayor representing borough said in his statement that this was illegal parking going on currently within the cities within the states. In addition to this, accusations have been raised concerning the authorities in that Jalisco state who were responsible for handling bodies are currently mishandling these bodies flared previous week after evidence of a semi-trailer truck was captured with 150 corpses which was spotted entering a warehouse which is located in the outskirts of Guadalajara, Mexico’s second largest city. This brought the neighbors to concern after powerful stench emitting houses in a field which was located just further from the city. Nevertheless, Gonzalez Sanchez, who is Jalisco state spokesman on an interview on a local radio station said that Luis Octavio Cotero, who was in charge of the forensic institute from 2015 was rejected after failing to take full responsibility on storing of this bodies. Cotero nevertheless, told reporters that his agency at any point was not in anyway responsible for storing out these unidentified and unclaimed bodies. He also accused the government for making him the scapegoat immediately after him questioning the investigation findings into disappearance of the three film students who were reported missing earlier this year.