Breaking news : former Texas policeman who was responsible for a black teen death jailed for 15 years

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According to recent reports,  a former Texas policeman who was responsible for the death of a black teenager was sentenced to 15 years in jail by jury which took days to decide the final verdict on the murder case.  According to reports,  the white Texas policeman shoot dead an unarmed black teen during a protest.  This brought questions and the agenda was discussed in a national debate which was considered racial bias in the U.S police unit. This jury was the same jury which was responsible for conviction of Roy Oliver on Tuesday who was also accused of murder. Roy Oliver who is 38 years old was brought to court on the grounds of killing Jordan Edwards who was 15 years. The jury took some hours to discuss the fate of Roy Oliver and the sentence which he was going to receive.

However, Roy Oliver conviction was among the rear cases which occur in the U. S. of an armed policeman shooting unarmed person. In a statement, Daryl Washington, who is the lawyer representing Edwards’ family said that this case is bigger than Jordan Itself and that they are hoping for changes in the hearing of the case and more so the sentencing of the policeman. Nevertheless,  in a first hearing which was held as a penalty trial, Roy Olive’s mother pleaded with the court in sentencing Oliver for the minimum of 5 years since all the support she gets comes from Oliver and more so his small brother depends entirely on him since he suffers from autism.

Nevertheless, during this penalty trial, Linda Oliver, mother to Oliver told the jury sentencing Oliver to minimum of 5 years is her prayer since his other son,  Oliver’s small brother still depends entirely on him and that Oliver has a great impact on his brother’s life. After the hearing was completed, the jury took all side into consideration and Roy Oliver was sentenced to 15 years in jail by the jury. This was a relief to her mother. Nevertheless, Oliver’s lawyer said in an interview that they are going to appeal this verdict in the coarse of the year.