Ancient human skull remains possibly located in the burned Brazilian museum

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According to recent reports, Firefighters combing with local authorities yesterday obtained skull remains through the flaming remains of Brazil’s National Museum that seem to belong to its original star exhibit, an old woman named Luzia who was 11,500-years-of age. This discovery was broadcast live on the local television channels and more so worldwide. According to witnesses and reports from firefighters and the local authorities present at the scene, a fire broke out on Sunday evening in the 200 years old Brazilian museum, which end up destroying massive collection of ancient artifacts which were preserved for education purposes and culture preservation. This museum however was among the strongest economy gripping sources of the Brazilian government.

However, Globo TV on Tuesday reported that firefighters on the site discovered a skull that belonged to Luzia, whose remains according to Brazilian records are considered to be the oldest human remains in Brazil. However, this cranium has taken to a lab for further studies and test in order to confirm its accuracy and provenance whatsoever if it truly belonged to Lydia and also to estimate her age through radioactive exposure of the remains. However, both Rio’s fire department and the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, whatsoever who are the administers of the museum did not respond to any requests made or comment concerning this discovery.

From journals, in 1979, Luzia who is considered to be the oldest human in Brazil probably died when she was 25 years old, however, according to the museum’s website she was considered as a star since she had over 20 million-strong ancient collection among this collection included the archeological finds, Egyptian artifacts, and more so historical memorabilia. Nevertheless, according to the local authorities, lack of well sprinkler system was believed to the reason which had contributed to the Sunday’s blaze of the museum. However, according to Globo TV, 40 years ago, the museum reported risks of a fire outbreak. However, from outside the building seems stable but according to the Local officials, they said that the remaining part of the structure remains vulnerable and may collapse anytime so people should seize off and keep away from this.