61 soldiers detained for suspected Gulen links orders back by Turkey

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According to recent reports, Turkish authorities on Monday ordered the immediate arrest of 61 soldiers working with the navy and army (land) forces, among them including the senior officers, who are suspected to be linked to U.S.-based cleric who according to Ankara the soldiers were responsible for orchestrating of a coup in the year 2016 which eventually failed. Nevertheless, eighteen among those who were ordered to be detained were on service this means that the eighteen are currently active and on duty. In addition to this, the Anadolu news agency earlier on Monday added that all these suspects in the ongoing investigations included 13 majors, 12 captains from land forces unit and more so 24, 1st lieutenants from navy unit. Authorities however have carried regular sweeps which are against the alleged members of the cleric Fethullah Gulen’s network which was in operation since the attempt of the coup in July 2016, whereby more than 250 people lost their lives. More so Gulen denied all this accusation and said that there where not involved in any way with the coup attempts which took place in 2016.

However, during a separate investigation operation, the Istanbul police in their reports said that up to now, the police have managed to detained 21 individuals who according to the report the individuals used an application with encrypted messaging through a secure network. Surprisingly, of all those detained most of the individuals were teachers who according to the police reports the teachers formerly taught network’s schools and public institutions. Nevertheless, Turkey’s Western allies however have criticized post-coup crackdown which according to the reports mostly takes place during declaration of state of emergency which was given by the military shortly after attempts of the coup and since then it has remained in effect till the beginning of July 2018. President Tayyip Erdogan’s nevertheless critics accused him for failed putsch deployment as a way to pretext a quash dissent. Turkey however said that to ensure national security the government measures are to combat threats.